Credit cards and business can be a sticky subject for some. If used correctly credit cards can be a great asset and provide purchasing power. 


Fit Small Business

Small businesses investments in product offering will increase revenue and profit. Start by looking at the five top-selling products your company offers and expand on those offerings. Know your customers’ needs and find a way to cater to those needs. It may need a lot of brainstorming and require a high initial investment, but the return and increase in profits will all be worth it. (#13)



This is the number one thing you need to learn to become an entrepreneur. If an employee screws up, you didn't train them good enough. If you miss a deadline, you can do better. When you don't have accountability for yourself, it's impossible to grow a business and lead a team. 


Vend POS

Marketing and advertising can happen just as much in your store as much as it does outside.  “When prepping for the holiday season, your No. 1 focus has to be the merchandise,” Kyle Baptist, founder, and CEO of Marconi’s Beach Outfitters and Rules To Retail Consulting says. “Customers are coming to your shop looking for the season’s hot item or to be wowed into making a purchase.”


Software Advice

First, it identified its core customer base as young families with children. Next, it looked into the average spend to gauge what customers were comfortable spending. “This allows us to know what price points will work in our store,” says Kyle Baptist



“Running a business comes with many challenges and staffing is…”

Usually number one on that list. How can managers create a fun work environment that employees will be engaged and excited to come and help your business grow? Read more by clicking the Wonolo logo.


American Express

Customers have even more control today. "Many business owners see this as a con, but I think it pushes businesses to adapt to the new age of retail and improve. The winners in the future of retail will be those who can better engage with customers and adapt to their changing needs."



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